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Question: My internet data is costly. How am I supposed to work with a large cif/pdb file?
Tips: In that case, Instead of uploading the file from your local machine, please enter 4 character accn number in the text box provided. The server will fetch the pdb from rcsb and will compute the same at its own internet data bandwidth.

Question: My internet data is costly. How am I supposed to download the results?
Tips: In that result section, there is a provision for selective download. The file sizes are also mentioned there for each downloadable files. Please download them selectively.

Question: My file cif/pdb file is of huge size. Whether my web page needs to be open during computation?
Tips: Don't worry. There is a provision for an e-mail id. If your file is large, then provide the file and e-mail id. Wait for the second page to come. When the second page with the message "Please don't refresh..." etc will come, you may close the tab. Even you may shut down your computer. Once the calculation is over, a link will be sent to your mail id. This link will be valid for 24 hours. By clicking the link, you may get the result.