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The BPFIND - NUPARM Software:

The BPFIND - NUPARM Software is a collection of software tools BPFIND and NUPARM. BPFIND identifies the basepairs, helix information etc of an RNA whereas NUPARM computes all kinds of structural parameters of the RNA. NUPARM uses the output of BPFIND for its computations. This software distribution offfers both the tools.

Software Download (Linux distribution):

The BPFIND - NUPARM Software in zipped form can be downloaded from this link.

The Distribution includes:
  • Executable bpfind.linux
  • Executable nuparm.linux
  • Readme files for BPFIND and NUPARM.
  • Source code of BPFIND.
  • Source code of NUPARM.
  • readme.txt as installation guide plus operational guide.
  • Nucleic acid residue name database files namely four .name file and surface.xyz file.
  • Sample NUPARM Input and Output files for ribosomal RNA structure, 1N32.
  • Sample BPFIND Input and Output for NMR derived RNA structure, 6MCI.